How to Enable Smart Lock on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Enable Smart Lock Feature on Samsung Galaxy S7 – Tired of having to enter the password every time you want to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7? Why don’t you enable Smart Lock feature that will give faster access to your phone in the most convenient way?

Do you ever count how many times you should enter the password or PIN or draw the pattern to unlock your smartphone? Surprisingly, the number can goes up to 100 times a day and that is a big one. So, no wonder why some people opt for the easier way to unlock their device, mostly use the swipe method. This is not good because it means that everyone can unlock the phone and collect the personal information that was stored in there.

How to Enable Smart Lock on Galaxy S7

This is becoming an issue and thankfully there are more and more features that were introduced by phone developer to make the whole thing of unlocking a device easier yet still guarantee its safety from irresponsible people.

Fingerprint scanner is an alternative solution for this issue and Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge also support this feature. It work great and still people always want to have more option on this matter.

New Android version gives people another alternative to solve this issue with their Smart Lock feature. This feature offer a more convenient way open or unlock the device and you can choose between the available options. You can enable this feature on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge by following this guide:

  1. Go to Settings application on your device.
  2. On Settings menu, find the “Lock Screen and Security” option and then tap on it.
  3. You will find more menu where you need to tap on “Secure Lock Settings” option.
  4. Next, tap on “Smart Lock” option.
  5. Before you move further, enter the PIN or password or pattern that you use in your phone.
  6. Now you can choose one among four Smart Lock option and enable it.

There are four Smart Lock option to choose and you can choose the one that you think will work for your situation:

  • Trusted Places. If you choose this option, your device will unlock automatically when you are in the certain spot such as at home or at office.
  • Trusted Device. This option allow you to bypass lock security layer when you connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 with a device you trust such as Bluetooth device or Smart Watch.
  • Trusted Voice. This option allows you to unlock your phone using voice recognition. As long as you have OK Google feature enabled, you can use your voice to unlock the phone. Simply say “OK Google” on the locked screen, and then it will unlock it instantly.
  • On-Body Detection. Just like the name stated, this option mean that the device will unlock on its own when it recognize that is on you. It means that as long as the device is with you whether it was in your hand or inside your pocket, it will stay unlocked.

Those are the four mechanisms on Smart Lock feature on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. You can use it as an alternative to the more conventional way to unlock your device, all in the name of convenience.

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