How to Disable Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy A7 2017 Home Screen

Disable Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy A7 2017

Disable flipboard briefing feature on Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and bring the home screen look neater, cleaner, simpler and in the same time help to save more battery power by following the available guide.

Disable Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy A7 2017 – Flipboard briefing feature that act as a personalized magazine for phone owner is indeed very helpful to gather around all sort of news from various source. It also adds aesthetic appearance on the phone that gives it a fresh look.

But still, not everyone enjoyed this feature for many different reasons such as being a feature that drain the battery and data connection without people aware of since it work on background or simply because people don’t need it at all.

Some people concern about the privacy matter and choose to not use this feature at all. There are many other reasons concerning people options whether they want to use this feature or not.

For whatever reason it was, phone owner who don’t want to use this feature can disable it on their Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 by following this step by step guide:

  • Go to “Home Screen”. There is no need to turn off the phone and boot it to any of special mode. Just bring it to Home Screen.
  • On the blank area on “Home Screen”, tap and hold it for a while until it show “Edit Mode”
  • Tap the leftmost part of the screen or swipe it from left to right to open “Flipboard Briefing” panel.
  • On “Flipboard Briefing” panel, there is a switch on the top right to enable or disable this feature. Simply toggle the switch to disable the feature and it’s done.
  • Go back to “Home Screen” by tap Home button.

That’s it, now the Flipboard Briefing panel is disable and it won’t crowded the home screen anymore. It also won’t drain battery power anymore, so people can expect to have the battery last longer. In case people want to use this feature sometime in the future, just follow the same step and toggle the switch to enable it.

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