How to Fix Camera Failed Issue on LG V20

Work around on the camera not working issue on LG V20 with the available solutions and soon you will find that the camera on this phone will be able to work as it should be and gives you the perfect picture.

A warning message saying “Warning: Camera Failed” that show up in your LG V20 is indeed very frustrating. Suddenly the camera on this phone fails to work without any obvious reason. How do you deal with this issue?

How to Fix Camera Failed Issue on LG V20

You can start by clear cache of camera app on this phone. Go to Settings > Application Manager > Camera > Storage > Clear Data or Clear Cache. It should be able to clear any corrupted cache that may cause the issue.

If clearing the camera app cache is not enough, you can clear out the entire cache partition of this phone. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Cached Data and then confirm it by tap Yes. Wait for the phone to clear the whole cache data and you are ready to go.

Why not restart the phone? Hold “Power button” and then choose “Restart” option from “Power Menu”. Alternatively, just keep pressing the “Power button” until the phone restart on its own. It works on other issue so perhaps it will work in this issue as well

Factory reset is the last thing to try if nothing mentioned before work. Remember to back up your data first either by using Google account or by using other means.

You also can back it up from Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Back up My Data. Once you do that, you are ready to do factory reset by go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset. Once it’s done, you can restore your data back and try to use the camera again.

Still not working? Perhaps there is problem with the phone hardware or perhaps the problem is deep on the system of the phone. In this case, you can ask the retailer or straight to LG for possible replacement.

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