How to Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on OnePlus 3

Bad Bluetooth connectivity issue is another common problem that happens to OnePlus 3 and you can find out the solutions for this issue that may also work with other smartphone as well.

OnePlus 3 do have some issue that user have to deal with. One of those issues is about the Bluetooth connectivity. It seems like that some user find the Bluetooth connection on their phone is terrible where it unable to connect to other Bluetooth device or perhaps it fail to send or receive file from other device.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Luckily this problem happen to other type of smartphone and the solutions that you can apply is not so different if you got the issue with other phone. You can start by turn Bluetooth feature off and on again to clear this issue. It works for some people so it may work for you as well.

As part of OnePlus 3 features, Bluetooth is not working alone. There are other aspects that may affect the way it works and one of them is Power Saving Mode. Power Saving Mode is a mode that can help to reduce power consumption by disable several feature including Bluetooth. You need to make sure that you don’t enable this mode if you want to use your Bluetooth.

Clearing Bluetooth cache can help with this issue as well. Go to Bluetooth setting to clear all cache that disrupt this feature and then restart the phone to give it fresh start.

The last solution that you can try is to check the Bluetooth device that your phone tries to connect to. You may find that the device has the ability to save several profile but it already running out the place to save more.

Delete old profile that is no longer use and then connect your phone once more. By deleting the unused profile, you actually give room to your phone so it can have smooth connection. Surely one of the mentioned solutions will work for this issue so you won’t have any more problems with your Bluetooth connection.

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