How to Fix Device Doesn’t Auto Rotate Issue on OnePlus 3

Auto rotate feature that doesn’t work on OnePlus 3 has become a common issue and it is an annoying problem that can be solved with different approaches that you can find right here.

Auto rotate feature will rotate the phone’s display from portrait to landscape or the other way around; depend on how you view the phone. This feature can be found in all modern smartphone where it works with almost no problem. But some OnePlus 3 user found that even though they already enable this feature, it still not working as it should be.

Device Doesn’t Auto Rotate Issue on OnePlus 3

If you got the same problem, you can try to work on it before you decide to take it over to OnePlus Support to get their professional help or even a replacement.

You can start by restarting the phone. Perhaps there is a glitch in the system that will go away after restarting the phone. Just give it a try to see whether the problem is fixed or not.

If necessary, you can re-calibrate the sensor in your phone. You can use specific app that you can find in Play Store for this purpose, for example GPS Status & Toolbox app. Re-calibrate the sensor will put the sensor in balance so it will work normally and hopefully get this issue work out.

Rotation Control app is an app that will help you to adjust screen orientation the way you want it and also put restriction on other app to change it. This is another thing that you can try to work on this issue.

In some cases, the problem happens after user installing an app. If this is the same thing with you, then you may want to consider uninstall those app. If it works and the problem solved, it is obvious that those apps is the culprit and you need to find another app to replace it. Only after you try everything that was mentioned before and none of it works, you can ask for help or perhaps phone replacement from OnePlus.

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