How to Adjust Screen Sensitivity on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

How to Adjust Screen Sensitivity on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Adjusting screen sensitivity on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is very possible although there is no obvious setting to tweak around, where people just need to make some adjustment with the phone to get the best result.

Adjust Screen Sensitivity on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 – There is no obvious setting on Galaxy A5 2017, where people can set the level of screen sensitivity. In most cases, it is not a big deal but in some cases, people find that either their screen is way too sensitive or it’s not sensitive enough.

Since it has no obvious setting to set it the way people want to, the only thing left is making some adjustment with the phone itself. Start with phone case. Phone owner may want to put a phone case (if they don’t have one) or release it (if they already have one) and make note of the change it make.

Screen protector is another thing to try. It works especially better for those who think that the screen is way too sensitive. Screen protector will protect the screen from scratches and in the same time add more layers that may help to reduce its sensitivity.

Test the pointer speed of the phone. Go to “Settings > Language and Input > Pointer Speed” and make necessary adjustment. After that, give it a try. Different people have different preferences for the phone pointer speed. If it goes to fast, it makes the screen looks far too sensitive to their likeness, so they need to adjust it to make it work the way they want it to be.

Getting the latest software update is also recommended action. The latest software has something better to offer where it brings new patch, solve bugs and better system. Make sure that the phone has used the latest software by checking it on “Settings > About device”.

Last thing that is worth to try is using a third party help, in this case a special app such as SGS Touchscreen Booster. This app can help people to adjust screen sensitivity to the level they feel comfortable the most.

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