How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Problem: Refreshing or Restarting Apps

One of problems found by people in the use of Galaxy S6 is poor memory management issue. Galaxy S6 has 3 GB RAM within, and we can check it’s using by looking into Smart Manager then tap the RAM so that we can get the snapshot of the use.

Although actually the device is having free RAM, it is quite irritating for many people using Galaxy S6 while they use the apps on their phone, but those apps suddenly refreshing or even closing by themselves.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Problem: Refreshing and restarting apps

This problem occurred without the actual cause of it known clearly. However, there are some tips that could minimize this refreshing and restarting apps problem occurred on Samsung Galaxy S6 by changing some settings and managing the apps in the phone effectively.

The basic thing to maximize our phone performance generally is to uninstall any app that we are not using in our phone. We can do it simply by checking the Settings, then tap the Application manager and checking all applications on the list to find any app we do not use it or rarely use it, then Uninstall or Disable the chosen applications.

This step also could maximize our phone battery usage because we can limit the use of unimportant applications in our phone.

For your information, Facebook and Facebook Messenger need quite big memory space in use, so we can get a better memory management without installing both of them in our phone.

The next option is using another launcher for our phone. To optimize the memory management, we can use Google Now Launcher or the Nova Launcher rather than TouchWiz launcher.

Regarding this poor memory management issue in Galaxy S6, Samsung takes this as potential disturbance to the software, and roll out updates to anticipate or reduce these kinds of issues. To get the updates, we can check it regularly by taping the Settings, and go to About Device then choose Software Update, and Update now.

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