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How to Fix Weak Vibration Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Weak vibration is another problem that occurs to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and luckily there are plenty options to try on this issue, where it should be able to bring this problem to an end.

Some people find that their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have weak vibration or no vibration at all for the phone calls, message, alert and notification. It may be quite an issue for some although it may not be a problem at all for other. Nevertheless, it is an issue that must be tackling right away.

Weak Vibration Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Start with the Sound and Vibration setting. This is the part that set the whole thing about the sound and vibration on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Go to Settings > Sounds and Vibration. In this part, there are many things to work on, to help bring the vibration back and they are:

  • Vibration intensity. Adjusting the slider will set the intensity of the vibration.
  • Do Not Disturb setting. If this feature is enable, it will block all noise and also vibration. Make sure this feature is disable.
  • Enable the “Vibrate while Ringing” option.
  • Tap the “Vibration feedback” option to vibration when tapping the screen.
  • Customize the sound setting by tap “Sound Quality and Effect”, after that tap “Adapt Sound”.

People can work on the Notification setting as well. Go to Settings > Notification and then tap “On/Off” next to the name of the app that people want to get notification from. There is more option to find by tapping “Advanced”, where people can change the sound, volume and also vibration.

Reset the phone and the setting to factory default is always worth to try. Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset Settings and confirm the action. It should bring the phone fresh like it’s just got out of the box, where most likely there is no problem with the vibration.

If nothing really works, then it must have something to do with the hardware. Best to take it to Samsung Experience Shop for a repair and let their professional technician work on it.

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