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How to Fix Wallpaper Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Custom wallpaper that keep revert to default setting after restarting Galaxy Note 7 is a mere annoyance that could be solved easily and should not bother phone owner anymore for having to change it again and again.

Owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reported that they find that the custom wallpaper they set into their device is keep revert back to the default wallpaper after they restart the device. It doesn’t affect phone performance; still it is really annoying because it means that the owner must replace the wallpaper again and again.

Wallpaper Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The best hope right now is to have the latest software system that included the fix for this issue and for now, phone owner can work around this issue to prevent the same thing happen again.

Start with reset the phone setting to factory default. No need to worry for anything because it merely bring the whole setting just like when it’s get out of the box. It won’t affect personal data, language, account settings and security.

Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset Setting and confirm the choose action. After that, phone owner can change the wallpaper to the desired one and restart the phone to see whether it still revert to the default wallpaper or not.

Some user finds that changing the screen resolution may help in this case. To change screen resolution, go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode. In Power Saving Mode setting, choose Mid tier and then Customize. This is where user can change screen resolution to QHD, HD, and FHD or perhaps turn it off completely. For no obvious reason, it may help to keep the wallpaper from reverting back to the default setting.

Once again, this is not something that user really should worry about as long as it doesn’t affect phone performance. In most cases, many Galaxy Note 7 users are not even aware of this issue, because they rarely turn off or restart their phone unless it was really necessary.

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