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USB Charging Port Moisture Warning on Galaxy Note 7

Find out about USB charging port moisture warning on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that will stop the charging process and how to deal with this issue to allow the charging process to continue.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was build with specific sensor that will detect the presence of any moisture in the USB charging port. If the sensor detects the presence of moisture, it will give the user a warning message: “Moisture has been detected. Make sure the charger/USB port is completely dry before charging the phone”.

USB Charging Port Moisture Warning on Galaxy Note 7

USB Charging Port Moisture Warning on Galaxy Note 7

There is no way to continue the charging process before user manages to dry its USB Charging port. To help the drying process, there are a couple of thing to try such as:

  1. Placing the phone inside rice box. Rice will absorb any moisture from any part of the phone. People can replace rice with silica gel that also act the same way as rice, which is absorbing any moisture near it.
  2. Wipe the phone with clean and soft cloth, especially after it being exposed to water.
  3. Shake the phone up and down. It will get rid of any moisturize that get trapped inside the phone case.
  4. Blow the device with small fan to remove any moisture faster. Do not use hair dryer that produce hot wind, because it may ruin the device.

Or simply leave the phone to dry out naturally. Put the phone down, open any case that it use and other parts that can be released and let it in the open for an hour or two until the whole moisturize evaporate on its own.

It was that easy and simple. When the phone is dry thoroughly, people can charge the phone without any trouble at all.

This issue occurs when people charge their phone with the cable charger but it won’t happen if they use wireless charging pad. But it will be better to charge the phone only after it dry out completely regardless the type of charging that people use.

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