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How to Fix Speaker Audio Issue on Galaxy Note 7

Problem with distorted and altered speaker audio sound on Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after it was being in water is a disturbing issue, yet it have simple and effective solutions to make it work well again.

One of the great thing about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is it IP68 rating, which means that the device is water resistant. It also means that user don’t have to worry for the device performance if it get splash of water or simply being in water for short amount of time.

How to Fix Speaker Audio Issue on Galaxy Note 7

This is true for most part, but when it comes to the audio quality that comes from the speaker, then it is a different thing. Most users found that the speaker on their Galaxy Note 7 emitted altered and distorted sound after being in water. The sound is different than before and it is a disappointment for user.

The sound that comes from the speaker may sound different but that is not something to really worry about. First, people need to know that there is always possibility that the water managed to seep through the barrier that Samsung put in this device. In order to make this issue go away, then the most obvious step to take is to get rid of the water.

How to get rid of the water from this phone? Start it by cleaning and drying the outer part of the phone with soft and clean cloth. Shake it a little bit to get the water out from speaker and perhaps from other part of the phone, and then dry it up once again. After that, leave the device for a while so it will dry on its own. Afterward, try use the phone and see if the speaker is already back to normal or not.

If the problem doesn’t go away, then it will be better to contact the retail where people get this phone, contact Samsung or contact Samsung Experience Shop to get the device look thoroughly to get a better solution for this problem.

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