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How to Fix Poor Battery Life Issue on Galaxy Note 7

Find out all things that people can do to improve the battery life on their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and makes the phone able to stay on longer and in the same time reduce the charging frequency.

The battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not as good as people expected to be. It is an old issue for a smartphone so it is not too surprising after all. The good news is there are a couple of things that people can do to prolong the battery life of their Galaxy Note 7, which means less charging.

How to Fix Poor Battery Life Issue on Galaxy Note 7

How to Make Galaxy Note 7 Battery Last Longer

Start with the basic. If there are too many apps that work in the same time, then it makes the battery works harder and it lead to shorter battery life. It also means that reducing the amount of apps that works in the background or disable the unused app will help to work great to help with the battery life.

Enable the Power Saver Mode by go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode. Choose between the Mid or Max power saving type, where the Max gives the biggest boost in saving battery life.

Enable the App Power Monitor that will put the apps to sleep when the phone is not in use. Go to Settings > Battery > App Power Monitor, to enable this feature. As to set when the phone should be asleep, tap the three vertical lines that refer to More Options and choose Advanced Settings.

Change some setting on Galaxy Note 7, especially on Display setting. This is the areas that use quite a lot of energy and by changing the setting; it will reduce the amount of energy that it use. Go to Settings > Display. There are several features to change such as reducing screen brightness, enable screen timeout, turn off Always On display, and turn on Smart Stay.

If the problem seems to get worse, then it needs to bring to Samsung, just in case there is problem with the battery itself that must be repaired or replaced.

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