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How to Fix Overheat Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Overheat issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is something that many users have complained about and here are the solutions that it worth to try to make this issue go away and never reappear again.

Some owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have reported that their device has become excessively hot after everyday use or after charging the phone. While it may not pose any serious problem, it may be an annoyance for user who likes to have their phone cool to touch.

How to Fix Overheat Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Deal with Overheat Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

So what do people need to do if they encounter this issue? Start it simple by not using the phone while charging. Just leave the phone be to make sure that it will charge completely before start using it, or better yet, just power off the phone.

It gives time both for user and the phone to rest a little. If it’s not possible, then try to limit the amount of task that the phone has to work on during the charging process by closing unnecessary app.

The excessively hot device may also result from using Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger. Just like the name stated, it will charge the device faster than the normal charger, thus it will make the device warm to touch. That is the way it works, so there is no need to worry about that.

Still, if the owner didn’t really enjoy the warm sensation on the device, they can turn off this fast charging feature and opt for regular charging that won’t make the device get warm. To turn this feature off, go to Settings > Battery > Advanced Settings. Find the setting for fast charging feature and turn it off. It will make the charging process longer, but it will keep the device cool.

If the problem persists, then it is about time to contact Samsung. Possibly there is problem with the battery or the hardware that makes it overheat. Or perhaps there is rogue app that makes the system works extra hard thus make it overheat. The real cause must be found immediately before taking the right action.

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