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How to Organize App Drawer on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Learn how you can organize app drawer on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to make it look neat and also well organized that should make it easier for you to find the app you want to use in no time.

App drawer / app tray is where you can find all apps that you already installed in your Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The thing is, there is no specific order on those app. It isn’t organized in any way, which can be very confusing if you have plenty of apps in there.

Organize App Drawer on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Organize App Tray on Galaxy Note 7

You also may face problem on finding specific app among the chaos, so you better start to organize the whole thing. There are several ways to do this, start by arranging the app in alphabetical order from A–Z.

Tap the menu button (three dot button on the top right) and then tap A-Z. It will organize the whole app in this order. If you add new app, it will be listed at the end of the list, which means you need to organize it with this method again.

You also can place similar app in a single folder for easier access. To do this, tap the aforementioned menu button, tap Edit. After that, tap and hold the app you want, drag it over to another similar app to create a folder. You can do the same thing with other app.

If you want to, you can arrange the app placement manually. Tap the three dot menu button on the top right, and choose Edit. Now, tap and hold an app and drag it to where you want it to be. You can placed the apps that you use the most at the top tray for easier access and other apps that you don’t use a lot on the bottom of the tray or on the next page.

Everyone have different preference, so you can choose the best method that works for your personal preference. No matter what, the result is organized app trays that will serve your purpose and help you to find the app you want in no time.

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