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How to Fix Media Playback Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The solutions for media playback issue on Samsung galaxy Note 7 is finally here, where phone owner can have the media playback that keep repeatedly pauses on its own to work properly once more.

There is an issue with media playback on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 where it keep pause again and again without any reason, where phone owner have to tap the Play button to make it run again. This is an annoyance especially for those who love to hear music or watching video from their device.

Media Playback Issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

If this is happening to you, then you may want to try a couple of things first, before you perform factory reset. Factory reset should be the last resort because it only brings you another inconvenience. You can start by clear app cache by go to Settings > Application > Music, and then choose clear cache options.

Now, depend on your connection, you may want to check them out as well. If you use Bluetooth, then there could be problem with the connection. You can toggle the Bluetooth connection off and on by go to Settings > Bluetooth. You also can unpair a device and then pair it back once again to restore the connection.

If you are streaming your music and video, then you need to check the connection. Poor connection will affect the quality of media playback. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and toggle it off and on. You need to consider restart or reboot the router you use and also your phone.

Consider to disable certain apps or feature that may affect the media playback performance. Power Saving Mode may interfere with the device media playback because it affects network connection so make sure to disable it.

Certain app such as Greenify that aim to improve battery life is also known as the cause of this issue. If you have this app in your Galaxy Note 7, consider changing its setting or perhaps uninstalling it and change it with other similar app.

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