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How to Fix Iris Scanner that Doesn’t Work on Galaxy Note 7

Find out the simple solutions for iris scanner that didn’t always works on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that will help user to make sure that there will be no issue with this security feature on their device from now on.

Iris scanner is a great security feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It scan the iris of the owner before it open the lock and give access to the device. No matter how advanced this feature is some people find that it doesn’t always work the way they want it.

Iris Scanner that Doesn't Work on Galaxy Note 7

Deal with Iris Scanner Issue on Galaxy Note 7

Having such a great feature that didn’t work as it should be is a great loss but there are a couple of things to try before user make further complain to Samsung. Now, since iris scanner work bay scan the iris of the owner, it is very important to make sure that the iris recognition camera and recognition LED that located on the front of the phone is free of dust and dirt. If those two are dirty, then it won’t be able to do the job properly.

To make sure that iris scanner can do its job; make sure that phone owner use it under ideal light condition. If they use it on brightly lit area or dark area, then it won’t work. If the eye is to way too close or too far from scanner, then it won’t work either. The ideal distance to use iris scanner is around 10 to 14 inches.

Do not run or walking when trying to use this feature, which means that the device owner need to stand still while using iris scanner so it can get a good look on the irises. Do remember to take of the glasses or other thing that may block the scanner from scanning the iris.

Other thing that worth to try is to refresh the scanner by removed the registered iris. Go to Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Irises > Remove. After that, user can re-register their irises and try the scanner once again.

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