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How to Wipe Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Guide on how to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will show you the way how to do this action, which is very helpful to get rid of any bug and random issue that plague your phone.

All kind of phone, especially the sophisticated one such as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has something that called cache partition. This is the place where all cache or temporary data were stored by the system to help the loading process faster.

How to Wipe Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The amount of cache stored in this partition will increase as time goes by and instead of helping the loading process, it may cause some issue with the phone itself such as sluggish performance.

That is why wiping out cache partition is a recommended action to help you solve bug, performance issue and other random issue on your phone.

There is no harm in doing this because it only wipe out cache data or temporary data only, and no personal data will be wipe out. But just like any other action, it may be better for you to back up your data, just in case something went wrong during the process.

Wipe Cache Partition on Galaxy Note 7

If you want to try this action to solve the issue on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then you can follow the guide below. The option to perform this action is available in Recovery Mode, so you need to boot your phone to this special mode first. Once you got there, and then follow this guide:

  1. In Recovery Mode, the touch screen will not work temporary, and the only things that you can use is the physical Volume Up and Volume Down button. Use these buttons to navigate through the available menu on this mode. Once you find the “Wipe Cache Partition” menu, go and highlighted it.
  2. Once it’s been highlighted, you need to start the action. You can do this by press Power button.
  3. Now the process is begin, all you need to do is waiting. The more cache data that was stored in the partition, the longer you have to wait. Just leave the phone be and within minutes, the process should have completed.
  4. If the system has wiped out cache partition, then you can reboot the phone back to its normal mode. You can do this by search the “Reboot System Now” option from the available menu using Volume button, and when you find it, highlighted it and use Power button to select it.

The phone will start the rebooting process back to normal mode. You need to know that it may take a little bit longer for the phone to reboot back to normal mode. It happens because the system is in the process of rebuilding the cache. But no need to worry, because after some time, you can use the phone back just like you normally do and it may even go faster than before.

Wipe out cache partition is a recommended action to solve any problem that happen to the phone. As you can see, the process is easy enough so you can do it on your own without have to take it to a technician. Once you do this, you will find that the problem that plagues your phone is no more and you can enjoy an even better performance.

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