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How to Fix Fast Charging Not Working Issue on Galaxy Note 7

Take immediate action to solve the issue with fast charging feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so you can use this feature for your convenience that allow your phone to be fully charged in no time.

Fast charging feature from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a convenience feature that allow user to have their phone charged almost full in no time. It definitely will help people to save time especially for those who can’t spare any minutes just to wait their phone fully charged before they can use it.

How to Fix Fast Charging Not Working Issue on Galaxy Note 7

But what if this feature is not working as it supposed to be? It will be inconvenience for anyone to have to deal with this issue. But do not despair yet because there are several things that worth to try to solve this issue.

Galaxy Note 7 Problem: Fast Charging Not Working

  1. Make sure that you use the certified fast charger or the original Samsung fast charger that comes within the box. The charger was designed specifically for this purpose and this is the first thing to check if you encounter this issue.
  2. If you use this feature while the phone is ON, then you need to stop and switch it OFF. Fast charging feature will not work if you the screen is on and if you still use the phone. Just leave the phone and allow the feature to work.
  3. Help the charging process to work faster by enable the Airplane Mode. It will disable some feature in your phone temporally, minimize the power usage, thus assist in charging process.

If you don’t want to use the option above, then you can disable several features that you don’t really need during charging process such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as other features and app.

You also may want to consider that the reason why the fast charging feature on your phone is not working is because there is problem with its microUSB port. Have it check out by Samsung technician to make sure of it and hopefully you can use this feature again.

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