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How to Enable Wi-Fi Tethering on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Learn to set and enable the Wi-Fi tethering feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and transform it into a mobile hotspot where other device can connect to it and connect to the internet conveniently anytime and anywhere.

Do you know that you can turn your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a mobile hotspot by enabling its Wi-Fi tethering feature? By doing it, other device nearby can connect to your phone and will be able to connect to the internet. It will be nice to have this feature enable so you can share it with friends and family.

Enable Wi-Fi Tethering on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Set the Wi-Fi Tethering / Mobile Hotspot on Galaxy Note 7

How do you enable this feature? The process is simple enough; all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings application on your phone.
  2. Choose Connections.
  3. Choose Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  4. Choose Mobile Hotspot and turn it ON by tap on the slider. You will see the mobile hotspot icon displayed at the top of the screen and it means that you have succeed on enabling this feature.

You also can change the setting of this feature. Go to More on the Mobile Hotspot setting screen. In this area, you can change lots of things such as the Network name, the preference for Hide my Device, choosing the security type and also change the password for the connection. There is also more advanced setting where you can change or configure the Maximum Connections and Broadcast Channel setting.

When you are done with the setting, don’t forget to tap on Save options so the change you made will take effect. Now you are ready to connect other device to your Galaxy Note 7.

Turn on the other device and enable the Wi-Fi feature on it. Select the network name of your Galaxy Note 7 that you set before and enter the password. One more thing, don’t forget to check on the battery level of your phone and other device that use this connection because the battery will drain faster than normal use and have fun with it.

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