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How to Clear Cache and Clear Data on Galaxy Note 7

Learn how to clear app cache and app data on Samsung Galaxy Note 7, with the available guide which proved to be a simple and easy action that will help to solve many problems that happen to an app of this phone.

Anyone wants to have their phone work smoothly all the time, but trouble may happen anytime to the hardware or to the app on the phone. When an app starts to act weird where it never have any problem before, then finding out the cause may help to smooth things out.

How to Clear Cache and Clear Data on Galaxy Note 7

Some people find that the problem started after they updating the OS or the app itself. In this case, there could be problem with the way that app react to the new update.

What to do in this situation? Start with clearing cache and data from the troubled app. This will help to clear any corrupted cache and data that disrupt the whole updating process thus make the app act weird. Clearing cache and clearing data is two different things, yet both are so easy to do where anyone can do it.

Clear App Cache on Galaxy Note 7

Now let’s start with clear cache of the app. Clearing cache will not erase any data that stored in the phone so it is very safe to do. Follow the guide below to perform this action:

  1. Go to Settings application, then tap DEVICE tab.
  2. Choose Application, after that choose Application Manager.
  3. Choose All Apps tab. This tab listed the whole application that was set up in the phone. Pick the troubled app.
  4. A page will show up that contain all kind of information regarding the app. Choose “Storage” and then choose “Clear Cache”.

Clear App Data on Galaxy Note 7

Clearing app data is one step further than clearing cache. While clear cache will not erase anything about the app, clear data will wipe out ever data regarding the app such as account, game progress, all data that was save on the app and so on.

If necessary, back up the whole data first before taking this action. The process of clearing app data is very similar with clear app cache and they are:

  1. Got to Settings application, then tap DEVICE tab
  2. Choose Application, and then choose Application Manager.
  3. Choose All Apps tab. It will show list of application on the phone.
  4. Choose the troubled app.
  5. A new page that shows information about the app will show up. Tap “Storage” and then find the “Clear Data” option and tap on it.

For action, clear cache and clear data, it will take a while before the process is complete; depend on how many cache and data that was stored. Once the process is complete, it will be better to restart the phone, let the change take places and see the difference it made on the app, where it should no longer act weird.

In some cases, clear app cache is enough to solve any problem with the app. But if it doesn’t show any result, then people can continue it by clear app data. By doing this, people actually help the system and the app to start the whole thing fresh and that what makes it so effective to solve any issue regarding the app and it is worth to try.

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