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How to Fix GPS Not Accurate Issue on Galaxy Note 7

An inaccurate GPS on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not an issue to be taking lightly where it could lead people to wrong direction but it also not something to worry about because there are workable solutions for this issue.

Some people that use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reported that the GPS feature on their phone is not accurate where it keep losing it lock or showing inaccurate result. This is a troubling issue especially for those who use this feature a lot. First thing to look at is the GPS setting. Go to Settings > Location and set it to High Accuracy.

GPS Not Accurate Issue on Galaxy Note 7

GPS Not Accurate Issue on Galaxy Note 7

There are also other things that could help to solve this issue. Clearing the cache on every app that use GPS feature is a start. Go to Settings > Application Manager > Choose the Apps > Storage > Clear Cache.

Power Saving Mode that was enabling could disrupt GPS accuracy. Turn this mode off from Settings > Battery. After that, reboot the phone and check if the issue is solved or not.

A Factory Reset is also worth to try. Factory reset will bring the phone setting back to its original setting and it works to solve other issue that happen to the phone. Remember to back up everything before performing this action because any data in the phone’s internal memory will be wiped out.

Go to Setting > Backup & Reset > Reset device > Erase Everything. After the process is complete, check the GPS accuracy, where it should be doing well right now. Don’t forget to take note about any app that installed after factory reset and see how it affects GPS performance.

Use GPS Test app. This app will help people to find out whether the problem laid on the hardware or not. Install the app and then compare it with another phone that use the same app. Both phones should pick up the same satellite, and if it’s not, then it could be hardware fault. In this case, there is nothing else to do other than contacting Samsung or the retailer to get replacement.

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