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How to Fix Connectivity Issue Between Galaxy Note 7 and PC

Connection issue between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a PC through USB cable is very unreliable, so these solutions may help people with this issue and get a stable and smooth connection for easy data transfer between the phone and PC.

Owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 find that they have problem maintaining connectivity between their device and a PC using USB cable. The PC able to detect the device, connect it and then disconnect it. It happens again and again, makes any attempt to transfer any data from or to PC/Phone is impossible.

Connectivity Issue Between Galaxy Note 7 and PC

This annoying issue can be solved, and there are a couple of solutions to try. First, try to unplug everything from PC, the smartphone and USB cable from one another. Wait for a moment and then plug it once again to make the connection.

It is possible that the problem lay on the device. Power Galaxy Note 7 off, turn it back on and connect it with PC once again.

Check for other possibility where the problems may come from. Perhaps there is problem with the USB Cable. Try to use other compatible USB cable to see if there is problem with the cable. If it’s not, then check on the USB port, both on the PC and the phone. Perhaps something got in the way such as dirt and dust, where it need to be clean up first before try to make the connection.

Swipe down the Notification panel, and choose the USB Charging notification. After that, select File Transfer option that show up in the pop-up window. It should be able to keep the connection between the phone and PC stable enough.

Investing in card reader is not the ideal solution, but it is worth to try as a workaround from this issue. If nothing is really working, then people need to get more serious and contact the retailer from where they get the device or even better, look into Samsung Experience Shop, just in case that this a hardware problem that need to be deal with differently.

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