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How to Fix Bricked Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Bricked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has become a common problem that happen without any obvious reason, and here is where you can try things that may help to deal to with bricked problem that turn your phone rendered useless.

One of the hottest problems that many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners have to deal with is bricked phone. It rendered their phone useless and that is a huge issue since it means that they can’t use the phone anymore.

Bricked Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Fix Galaxy Note 7 That Completely Bricked

The term bricked itself comes from the word “brick”, the kind of thing that people use to build a house. In essence, it’s a rock, a paper weight or in this cases a very expensive paper weight. People can’t turn on their bricked phone or doing anything with it. It won’t boot to ROM neither to recovery mode and it also won’t boot to boot loader screen. It makes the phone totally useless and worthless.

What caused bricked phone in the first place? It could happen for numerous reasons, for example, during flashing process, the phone get powerless or perhaps the USB cable is disconnected while flashing the phone. Code program that was erased after rooting could also cause the same problem. It also may happen because specific update process is interrupted for various reasons.

If you got bricked phone, then you need to calm down. While waiting for official solution, you may try a couple of things first. Try use SamFirm method from XDA Developers forum. Once the process is completed, you can try the phone and hopefully it’s no longer bricked.

If nothing works, then you can assume that the problem lay on the hardware part of this phone. In this case, you need to get help. Try to reach the retailer where you get the phone. Or, you also can contact Samsung Experience Shop that will help you with this issue, whether by having it repair by their technician or replace it with new one that work perfectly.

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