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How to Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on Galaxy Note 7

Plenty of foolproof solutions for Bluetooth connectivity issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are available where device owner can try each of those solutions to solve this issue once and for all.

Problem with bluetooth connection is a pretty common issue on a smartphone and it seems like that this problem also happen to even the newest device such as Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Since this is a common problem, then there are plenty of foolproof solutions to try.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issue on Galaxy Note 7

Deal with Bluetooth Problem on Galaxy Note 7

A simple action by turn off and then turn Bluetooth feature back on seems able to solve this issue. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > On/Off. It will clear up any minor issue with the feature, which means that it will solve the Bluetooth connection problem.

If it’s not working, then perhaps people need to renew the connection. To do this, they need to unpair the connection first and then reconnect to it once again. While using Bluetooth, tap the gear icon (this gear represent Phone Setting), and then tap the Unpair option next to connected device. After that, following the same step and Reconnect it once again with the device.

Follow the guide and make sure to give the permission if it asked to. It is possible that people need to change app permission for Bluetooth. To do this go Settings > Privacy & Emergency > App Permission. Change the permission to help bring the connection back.

There is one more thing to try. In this method, people need to stop Bluetooth Share first. Go to Settings > Application > Application Manager > More Options > Bluetooth Share. Tap on Bluetooth Share app, and then tap on Clear Cache or Force Stop option. After that, turn off Bluetooth connection for a while before turn it back on once more. One among these three methods should be able to fix this issue and improve Bluetooth performance on Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so there will be no more complain from the owner about this particular issue.

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